Are you over training and over eating?

I’ve learnt more about nutrition since I first wrote this.

I’ve just come to the end of a workout with one of my clients and we’re having a debrief. She peruses the gym and a quizzical look crosses her face. Lowering her voice and coming closer to me, she says, ‘All these people seem to be at the gym all the time yet nothing ever changes. They don’t look any different.’

Image result for fat person working out
More can be less

I roll my eyes back and nod at the same time knowing my client is wondering whether she is wasting her time doing sessions with me. Of course, my answer is ‘no’, so I explain as concisely as possible why. They are in what’s known as ‘negative training’: eating too much and training too much. In other words, they place too many physical demands on their body without giving it time off to recover and adapt. They don’t fuel it with the right nutrition and…

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